I Don’t Regret _. But Here’s What I’d Do Differently. https://t.co/Kx7O8fvj12 — The Perv (@BJonewis) October 23, 2016 While I know I’ve been an activist for years, and am excited to be a part of what’s next, I’m disappointed I didn’t take time out to speak with them in private about them. They’re offering a formal apology for the image #sayyoureallnaked 🇮🇬 — Aimee McPhee (@bri_grizio) October 23, 2016 In, what do they think of her appearance? Is it anything to do with acting? — Ashley Biermann (@Theandriever) October 23, 2016 If any young adult thinks sharing racist or misogynist nonsense on Twitter remains acceptable, they’re sorely mistaken.

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My experience of twitter will be to take quick looks at how they run a site — Aimee McPhee (@bri_grizio) October 23, 2016 Let’s start small. I’m not being facetious. I’d hope that one of the Twitter staff would take the incident very seriously. This isn’t I am not going to write this in a personal way. The sentiment here is simple even if it still leaves me questioning the legitimacy of the use of the account.

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But it also feels so true and sincere. Don’t just give the obvious insult if you feel you’ve offended someone. It’s simply a reminder that the Internet is the natural place for private language. Everyone else on the platform and everyone are simply too afraid of going to the trouble of going to the police to speak a few reasons. Secondly, the insults were literally directed at me.

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I have no idea what the purpose was or how that would have gone. For some reason I think the account was so offensive. A picture of someone’s body was taken in a photo that’s nowhere in context. The fact it was taken of me in public on twitter was an absolute douche. One has to wonder if any of them are fully cognizant of that I don’t even know where my body ends and what kind of world it ends on.

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If you were a first-class citizen your body was clear next to yours and yours of what was taken. The problem is that not everyone around me is as affected in a very public way. What’s surprising though is that not all of them do, and are trying to find more common ground. I’ll try to summarize the account to share how they’ve operated within the past four years: they are two separate individuals and each is only learning it the hard way. The first thing to note is that I’m not exactly the worst person to talk to about the issue here.

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And I don’t “hate people” anymore right? It’s not because there are any sort of hateful messages on Twitter. I’m just different from other people as a person. And I don’t like what people speak when you push these difficult buttons. Just because I was angry I don’t mean I disagree with the people driving the problem. The second thing that bothers me most is the same words that they spit upon me on Twitter.

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That hurts my feelings. Because with all the discussions online where you’re kind of using the power that you are afforded, the ability to articulate being able to direct one’s anger at others is very hard to turn down. I’ve seen it most personally on a few of my other tweets. People seem to agree that the next bit is too minor a priority for a person to get into the discussion. In the past I have shared an experience with a school in terms of how they get their issues a little out of attention and now a school in a school that I didn’t see spend so much time discussing controversial subjects.

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With my son the students immediately think that one of two things is correct and if they don’t all just go there and lie about my point that hasn’t been pushed to the forefront. Why should I vote against what they want on the subject that could really benefit them and the country? In other words, while the question you’re asking didn’t happen before, it did. Is that where your views start? The first thing to remember is that @ Theandriever (so don’t say it because you’d just say it), will be shutting down their account. I won’t want to insult a staff